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Saturday, December 30, 2006

MGM Cartoon 1939 Peace On Earth

In the spirit of the season, this 1939 MGM Cartoon Peace On Earth is the only cartoon ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! It was broadcast in the US just after Germany had pre-emptively invaded Poland, a protest against Bush-Iraq-style pre-emptive wars, and before the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor and thus entered WWII. You'll be amazed..


Anonymous D Gary Grady said...

This is indeed a memorable cartoon and worth viewing. For the record, it was exhibited theatrically in late 1939 (rather than broadcast). And while many sources claim that the cartoon was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, as far as I can determine this isn't true. Only persons and organizations can be nominated (not works or art or literature), and the official Nobel nominations database shows no reference to the cartoon or to the filmmakers.

5:01 PM  
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